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Mito Prime – Thin Android Tablet with Dual-SIM Feature

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Mito has made a name in affordable middle-class smartphone market. And apparently, smartphone is not the only market Mito has been aiming at. The Chinese company has introduced its newest tablet, the Mito Prime that is prepared to be the frontrunner on its own market.

Mito Prime Thin Android Tablet with Quad Core and Dual SIM Card

Design and Display

Designed in a shape similar to most tablets in the market today, the Mito Prime stands out for its very thin elegant body, measuring only 8.9 mm in thickness. And with the measurements of 192 mm x 119 mm, the tablet is pretty ergonomic as it’s very comfortable to be carried. To satisfy its users, Mito Prime comes with a 7 inches screen with capacitive touchscreen technology. The high definition screen has 1024 x 600 pixels of resolutions which make video watching and gaming experience more amazingly vivid.


In order to perform amazingly, Mito makes no mistakes in putting the perfect parts in this newest tablet. A new concept of Quad-Core processor is being introduced in combining 2 CPU (Central Processing Unit) and 2 VPU (Virtual Processing Unit) of BCM Capri type with 1.2GHz of speed. A 1GB of RAM also supports smooth performance of the tablet, even during playing an HD movie. There are no lags or glitches showing, which means Mito Prime is quite strong for multitasking, playing heavy games, or launching other apps. Running on 4.1 Jelly Bean Android OS, the tablet is ready to compete with other tablets from prominent manufacturers.

Other Features

Mito Prime comes with dual-camera, a 2MP rear camera, and a VGA secondary camera placed in the front. To store data, the tablet provides a 4GB internal memory and can be extended up to 32GB of external memory with a microSD slot. As a tablet, Mito Prime is a step further than other tablets on the market for its Dual-SIM feature. The connection supports GSM, which works on GPRS, EDGE, and 3G connectivity.

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